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Born from a passing conversation, Tom and Erik decided that they wanted to find a new way to make tattooing an overall better experience for the owner, the artists, and the clients... thus Vital Ink was created.

Vital Ink is a tattoo studio in Barrington, NH strictly designed with the clients comfort and satisfaction at the forefront. The team works hard to ensure that the client's vision is met with the professional help and design strategy our artists provide. We want to make sure that every client that leaves Vital Ink does so with a tattoo that they will love and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

So if you enjoy having a good time, witty banter, and an overall light and fun feel, stop by the shop! We would love to help you start working on your next project.

Dark Clouds



Tom "Bonehead" McNeil



I'm Tom.  I like long walks on the beach, coffee by the gallon, and doing tattoos. 

I started off as an airbrush artist and pinstriper and specialized in painting custom motorcycles. I took the leap and transitioned into tattooing in 2016.

I enjoy doing most styles, including black and grey, new school, and custom script tattoos.


I work hard to keep my clients vision in mind while working on their design.  I like to keep my appointments light, fun and comfortable.  Thank you for reading this mumbo jumbo.  

Please check out my portfolio... let's get something started!

Danny Golden

Hi, I’m Danny. I’ve been an artist since I could hold a pencil. I started tattooing in New Orleans in 2000. Back in on NH since 2013. I’ve had the opportunity to tattoo with and learn from some great artists over the years and develop my tattoo skills and style. I enjoy tattooing  black and grey, illustrative and neo traditional styles. 

I enjoy tattooing and I strive  to bring my clients vision to life on their skin. 

Dan B pic.jpeg

Dan B.

   Meet Dan B, the world's first robot tattoo artist. Designed and programmed by a team of engineers and tattoo artists, Dan B is a cutting-edge machine that combines the precision of robotics with the artistry of tattooing.


   Dan B’s journey began in a laboratory, where he was created with the goal of revolutionizing the tattoo industry. His advanced sensors and algorithms allow him to analyze a client's skin and create a custom design that fits their body perfectly. Dan B is also equipped with a variety of needles and ink cartridges, allowing him to execute a wide range of tattoo styles with precision and accuracy.

Despite being a machine, Dan B has a keen understanding of the art of tattooing. His programming includes a vast library of tattoo designs and styles, as well as a deep understanding of color theory and shading techniques. He also has the ability to adjust his technique to accommodate a client's pain tolerance and skin type, ensuring a comfortable and successful tattooing experience.


   What sets Dan B apart from traditional tattoo artists is his consistency and speed. He is able to create perfect, identical tattoos with every stroke, and can work for hours without the need for a break. His efficiency and accuracy make him a popular choice for large-scale, intricate designs that would typically take multiple sessions with a human artist.


   While Dan B may be a machine, he still values the human connection that comes with tattooing. He has been programmed to communicate with his clients, answer their questions, and provide them with a comfortable and welcoming environment. 


   Dan B’s creators believe that the future of tattooing lies in the partnership between man and machine, and that Dan B represents the first step in that direction.

If you're looking for a unique and cutting-edge tattoo experience, Dan B the robot tattoo artist is the artist for you. With his advanced technology, artistic abilities, and dedication to his clients, he is sure to create a one-of-a-kind tattoo that you will cherish for a lifetime.

{Disclaimer: not actually a robot.}

Christoph Wilken

Christoph grew up in Germany and moved to the States about a decade ago. He's been tattooing since the mid-2000s and his style is between traditional and all rounder. He enjoys good conversation and joking around with his clients during a tattoo session. His strength lays in speed, composition, and cleanliness. Loving to take on walk-ins and new challenges, all projects are welcome! 

Christoph 1_edited.jpg
Gradient Background


Piercings are walk-in only.
No appointment necess

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and have a state-issued ID or birth certificate in order to get pierced. 

Piercing hours
Monday & Tuesday: 11am - 7pm
Wednesday - Saturday: 1pm - 7pm

Hi! I’m Chris, your friendly neighborhood professional body piercer... I’ve been very passionate about customer service and body piercing for over 20 years. My goal is for you to have a happy and healthy piercing experience. Aftercare for me means I care as much  after you see me as you do for your piercing. The hat I’m wearing is how I keep from getting sunburnt when I fly my RC planes, or race my RC cars on my day off :)
Peace to you my peeps !!  

Nicky 1.jpg

Nicky is a professional piercer in N.H. She has a wide variety of jewelry options and will be in the shop for walk-in piercing needs every Monday and Tuesday. Check out a lot of her recent work on her instagram!




1057 Calef Highway

Barrington, NH





Sunday: Closed
​​Monday: By Appointment
Tuesday: 11am - 7pm

Wednesday: 11am - 7pm

Thursday: 11am - 7pm

Friday: 11am - 7pm

Saturday: 11am - 7pm



(603) 905-9086

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